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Comic-Con is really kind of awesome. Even with the thousands and thousands of people.

My thoughts so far:

-Surf's Up will be amazing. It's a documentary of the "high-octane world of competitive penguin surfing." Doesn't that make you want to see it already?

-Rob Paulson is my hero. He was the voice of Yakko Warner, Pinky, etc. He got up there and sang the nations of the world song FROM MEMORY. I am so excited for the Pinky and the Brain DVDs. And Animaniacs, but after watching the clips they showed I still like Pinky and the Brain Better.

-This kid at a Star Trek panel I went to asked pretty much the greatest questions ever. He asked what the explanation was for the hand phasers changing between seasons 2 and 3 of Voyager when they are so far off in the Delta quadrant. He followed that up with another incredibly specific question that I can't remember. He rocked.

-Heroes could be good if they narrow down the cast or tie the stories together better. Right now, there are far too many plotlines and it's just confusing. People are saying that it's "going to be the next Lost" and from the "director's cut" of the pilot, I'm very worried that's true. The pilot episode moves very slowly (due more to the number of distinct stories than anything else) and while the kid is adorable, the only character I really loved was Hiro, the Japanese dude convinced he has powers and referencing Star Trek and X-Men to prove it.

-David Boreanaz is fucking awesome. He has a Guinness tap in his house. Even the Buffy haters have to admit that's awesome.

-MOTHER FUCKIN' SNAKES ON A MOTHER FUCKIN' PLANE! I have now seen ten minute of footage from the film and it looks... well, it's Samuel L. Jackson and snakes which are awesome, but it's a plane which has the potential to scare the shit out of me. Although I think I'm somewhat biased since it was the end of a long day in various rooms FULL of people. Also, Sam Jackson is amazing. One guy talked about all the famous directors he's worked with and asked if he would be willing to work with an "up and coming director." Sam Jackson responded that if they offered enough money he'd do anyone's movie. After that the conversation went something like this:
Sam Jackson: I get the feeling you have an idea for a film, but no check book.
Guy: Well-
Sam Jackson: That's okay, you got a hot sister?
Guy (with a shocked look on his face): Uh...
Sam Jackson: What about your mother?
Greatest response EVER.

So many people come in amazing costumes. So far I've seen:
Your basic superheroes/villains - Superman, Supergirl, Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, the Joker, Wonder Woman, etc.
Several Klingons (including one that was about 10)
Many Jedi
Jack Sparrow
A couple Wolverines
Wash and Kaylee (of Firefly)
Magenta (of Rocky Horror)
Waldo (of Where's Waldo)
6 Storm Troopers leading Darth Vader
and many, many others that I either can't remember or didn't recognize.
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