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So, the last couple days after I've finished an episode of Veronica Mars I've been going upstairs to talk to Brian about it. He generally gets excited in a very patronizing and Brian-esque way while actually completely ignoring me. Generally it's just the seemingly insignificant details like Veronica having chlamydia and whatnot. Yesterday after finishing the second season I went upstairs and the conversation went something like this:
Me: Cassidy did it! I can't believe it! I liked him!
Danny: What?
Brian: Oh my GOD! Cassidy raped Veronica?!
Me: YES!
Brian: Wait, what? Really?

So I guess it was a much funnier story for Brian and I since we were there and Brian knew NOTHING about Veronica Mars. Really, he didn't know who Cassidy was or much of anything beyond my speculations on how Veronica got chlamydia (which were WAY off) and how much I miss Duncan. It was just one of those times when Brian's attempt at being incredibly inappropriate were dead on.
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