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Another reason I love Joss - he posted this on the Whedonesque thread about Runaways:

Oh my god! This is so cool! I can't believe it! I hope he kills Gert -- she's rude to authority figures! Brian Kay Von was cool, but he didn't understand teenagers the way Joss Whedon does -- after all, Joss WAS a teen-ager during the second world war (I think it was the second one) and he totally knows how they speak and what they wear and how they can learn to be more polite and hygenic. Look for this book to EXPLODE with hygiene now that Joss "bathes monthly" Whedon has it. What can we expect from this soon-to-be-visionary book? A few things that never occured to "Bitties at the BK"V, that's for sure.

1) Sex.

2) WAY more Wolverine. He so cute and popular.

3) Old people. They're so cute and popular. ("Assemble, Aunt May's Avengers!" Goosebumps. Right now. Goosebumps.)

4) Sex, but the other kind.

5) Run... Towards! Runtowards. New title. Why are they such fraidies?

6) Two words: Crisis on Infinite Mollys.

Well, I think we all know you're in good paws. (Thank god Michael Ryan can draw.) Brian, your kids are safe with me, except the five or six I'm gonna kill.

See you in the Funny Hell! -joss.

And Brian K. Vaughn's response makes it even better.
Wait, what? JOSS Whedon? I told Marvel I wanted WIL Wheaton, TV's beloved Wesley Crusher!

Our book is so screwed.

Anyway, I guess Numfar and I are swapping audiences now, so let's bust out those "BKV Is My Master Now" tees, yes?

Also, as a timesaving measure, while Joss takes care of my fictional kids, he's asked me to raise his literal children. The Whedon brood need school supplies badly, so please help fund their education by purchasing everything I have ever written:

Never too proud to whore,
the whole thing can be found here:

I'm really hoping this turns into another flame war like Joss started on Warren Ellis' site.

I think I woke Brian up laughing.
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